Sunday, April 17, 2011


Ahmad Dhani


Name : Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo
or better known as Ahmad Dhani / Dhani Manaf
Place Date of Birth : Surabaya, East Java, May 26, 1972

Dhani is a musician, songwriter, stylist music, and producer Indonesia.
Dhani is the leader of a top band, Dewa 19 and also personnel of the band The Rock.

Dhani is also the owner and leader of Republik Cinta Management. Dhani has scored many hits and the orbit of the artist through his work.


Ariel Peterpan


Name : Nazril Irham
or better known as Ariel
Place Date of Birth : Pangkalan Brandan, Langkat, Sumatera Utara , 16 September 1981

Ariel is an Indonesian singer who is the lead vocalist of the band peterpan.
In addition to a career in the music world, Ariel is now a star advertising products.




Name : Andriani Marshanda
or usually called Caca
Date of Birth : August 10 1989

Marshanda is a young artist soap star, commercials, singers and presenters.
Marshanda ability in acting is no doubt. So was his ability to sing.
Marshanda desire to be a singer get a chance when meeting with a songwriter famous children Papa T Bob.
Mashanda initial meeting with Papa T Bob also happens by accident. Time Marshanda often recorded his voice when they're singing, his mother who heard voices Marshanda felt good and tried to send it to the agency Marshanda.
Marshanda next career jump in the soap opera world.


Mulan Jameela


Name : Raden Terry Tantri Wulansari
or usually called Mulan Jameela
Date of Birth : August 23, 1979

Mulan Jameela is an Indonesian singer. Previously he was also known as Mulan Kwok. Initial popularity started when a group of "Ratu" vocalist in early 2005. After parting from the "Ratu" in the year 2007, Mulan first solo album release, Mulan Jameela in the year 2008.
Mulan was always exploring the performance in each event. Starting from hair dyed, her style of make-up, until the striking color choices for the costumes.