Sunday, February 27, 2011


Astrid Tiar


Full name: Astrid Tiar Yosephine Panjaitan
Nickname: Astrid Tiar

Astrid Tiar Yosephine Panjaitan (born in Jakarta, July 12, 1986, age 24 years) is an actress who plays a woman in Indonesia 169 cm body. Astrid began her career in entertainment as a Cover GIRL in 2000. Soared through the soap opera name is the Name of Love. Another patron who ever starred in, among others, top Dizziness Dizziness Down, Tears of Stepchildren, Hurry darling Gue, Mask, and Teach Me Love.


The face is beautiful and has many activities in the entertainment world does not make Astrid Tyar Yosephine forgotten by his ideals. Powerful presenter is still wanted to be a professor of jurisprudence.

"The education I could make me lunch. I could be a professor, because every aspect of there needs, "said Astrid met in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Monday (08/02/2010).

If a lecturer, she is easy to divide the time. Astrid determined if already married he wants to reach her goal as a lecturer.


Fanny Ghassani


Full name: Fanny Ghassani
Nickname: Fanny

Fanny Ghassani (born in Jakarta, February 19, 1991, age 19 years) is an actress and television presenter. He is widely known by his role in the soap opera that aired Cinta Fitri SCTV.

There, many coming artists who take shelter under the production house of whom Shane MD Entertainment and Bemby Putuanda Syarief. Shane admitted late to the location of the event because of traffic.


"I was late because really bad," said Shannon. While Bemby actually interviewed the owner of production house Manoj Punjabi. "Why is this event held?" Bemby asked to Manoj. "So that we can all gather, did I miss you," said Manoj Bemby while embracing warmly.

"I want to wash hair first so there are cockroaches and mice engga, anyways I engga like a ball, just invited, would engga want to have to come," said Fanny, as quoted impressions Celebrity Status on SCTV, on Monday (14 / 6).


Aurelie Moeremans


Full name: Aurellie Alida Marie Moeremans
Nickname: Aurelie Moeremans
Aurellie Alida Marie Moeremans(born in Brussels, Belgium, August 8, 1993, age 17 years) is Indonesian actress.

She admitted that despite being in front of the camera is not nothing new, but feels a little tense. Because acting on the big screen is a very valuable experience in her life.


Not forgetting she is often asked for input on the senior players for acting and character depth.

“If the film acting to the total.’s Why I take lessons with a reading and then act,” continued the woman born August 8, 1993 it had acted in several soap operas. Asked where the acting well as commercials, movies bersinetron or player, this long-haired girl smiled. “What is it? Maybe if the film directly and briefly. While, for example in a long soap opera. Especially if appropriate striping,” added Aurelie.