Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dhini Aminarti Smile

Name : Dhini Aminarti Maulana
or usually called Dhini
Date of Birth : May 29, 1983

Dhini Indonesian sinetron player.
Dhini famous through his role as Wulan, in the soap opera Wulan. Tall girl who is 173 cm almost always plays characters who are always nice and willing to play any antagonist or act as a madman.
Dhini had established the love with Muhammad Fardhan since 2005. Unfortunately, 3 days before Ramadan in 2007, their relationship ended. The main reason of this separation is not the blessing of the mother and the difference in age Dhini almost 6 years. Fardhan who was going to 19 years was not ready when requested Dhini married to 24-year-old.


Nadine Chandrawinata

Name : Nadine Chandrawinata
or usually called Nadine
Date of Birth : Hannover, May 8, 1984

Nadine is a finalist Puteri Indonesia in 2005 which represent DKI Jakarta. He represented Indonesia at Miss Universe 2006 at the Shrine Auditorium (Los Angeles, United States) and won the second championship for the National Culture and Princess Best Friendship. He grew up in Indonesia. Chandrawinata father was Indonesia while his mother a German. Two younger brothers (Marcel and Mischa) are twins and worked as a model and actress.



Sandra Dewi


Name : Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri
or better known by the name of Sandra Dewi
Date of birth August 8, 1983
Sandra Dewi is an actress of Indonesia. Her name skyrocketed since playing in the big screen movie Quickie Express together with Tora Sudiro and Aming. Then his name is increasingly recognized by society to participate in the soap opera Cinta Indah.

Sandra Dewi initially moved to Jakarta in 2001 to continue studying at the London School Of Public Relations.
The world of acting and voice attraction, Sandra began reaching the presenter.
Edison Chen has a blog as a means of interaction between him and the fans. This blog Sandra Dewi popularized the term for which his fans Sanders.


Nabila Syakieb


Name : Nabila Syakieb
Date of Birth : 18 November 1985
Nabila Syakieb is an Indonesian actress. Nabila is from the artist's brother Ali Syakieb. Nabila soap opera began his career as a model with a chosen as cover girl finalist 1999.

He plunged into the world of entertainment since the age of 16 years, while casting away soap opera "Cinta SMU" as a princess. Women are more and more Arab blood is known as starring in "Anakku Bukan Anakku" who starred with Roger Danuarta.

At present (2009), Nabila was starring in soap opera entitled "Cinta dan Anugerah". In the soap opera, Nabila called "Nabila" serves as a nurturing adult characters younger siblings.



Putri Titian


Name : Putri Titian Asih
or more in the know with the name Putri Titian or Tian
Date of Birth : April, 7 1991

Putri Titian is actress sinetron Indonesia.

Tian's name skyrocketed through the mini-series, "Jungkir Balik Dunia Sissy".

In addition, Tian also played in FTV "Ajari Aku Cinta" with Gita Gutawa.